Thursday, July 24, 2008

DIY: Water Resistant Hard Camera Case

Hey everyone, Just to fill you in I've created a DIY hard case that is water resistant, so this will be a bit of a tutorial/guide on how to make your own. Unfortunately I didn't take any shots during the making, but it should be super simple to figure out.
First we have our the bag that my cooler lives in I've attached a shoulder strap, this is just because the cooler is ugly. and now we have the interior of the cooler, which is made of 3 layers of 2" foam one is completely solid and the other two are cut out to fit around the kit lens. Because the cooler isn't large enough to cut the foam the way I'd like i had to add a very thin piece to the back that just slides in to protect the LCD and viewfinder. I also took 4 layers of quilt stuffing stuff and made a top.

How to make you're own:
Take an old cooler fill it with one solid layer of foam, now cut 2 layers of two inch foam to fit your lens and then take a thinner layer to protect the back, easy as that, cover the foam with fabric if you want. Email me if you create one so I can see, and if I like them I'll add the photos on here! (Jakeoc19 (AT) twcny(dot)rr(dot)com)

I've created a bit of a video just demonstrating the case, I should add now, that the case isn't water tight, but it would keep out rain and such.

Additional, you could post you're images in the comments, can't wait to hear from you.



Tobywuk said...

Not being funny, but isnt that a cooler box for food?

Anonymous said...

Tobywuk, you are a brilliant observer!!!