Monday, July 28, 2008

Holiday, and suggestions for new videos

Hello everyone, probably wont be posting for a while, because I am in Vermont helping out some family, and I will return home around thursday at which point I will be packing and heading back to my vacation home in northern New York. On my current trip I plan on doing some archetural shooting, unfortunetally I didn't bring my Fuji (which I use to make videos). As for Camp I plan on shooting a lot of landscape shots. I will bring my fuji to camp, and make a video there I hope, if I can get my Vivitar 285HV's get some flash use shots. I will also make some videos about landscape shooting, and shooting in the woods, I hope.

I'd like some suggestions for videos to make while on holiday in the woods, so post them down in the comments, I'd appreciate it loads.

Post again thursday...


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