Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter (weather) proof your gear!

Hello everyone! Been quite a while, and I still have yet to do a follow up on the 8 items for any DIYer. But I have designed some new gear, for winter (for those of us in the cold snowy areas and such. I got about 10 inches of snow in the past 2 days, and I've gone out a few times to shoot and I was worried I'd get my camera wet. (the tripod accessories I made a while ago).

First lets DIY up our tripod, get it ready for the weather (kinda)
What you'll need:
4x 9*12 Foamies (i chose black
9 Velcro Cable ties
Duct tape or any strong tape(possibly matching your foamies color
Masking tape, or gaffers, or duct, doesnt matter here.

So first you'll be making 3 tripod leg wraps. First take a foamie and roll up 2 pieces of tape stick one on each corner (of the 9inch side)
Next stick this to one of your tripod legs in the middle. (so the 9" part runs up the leg and the 12" is perpendicular)
Now take your strong tape (I used Duct) and put a little piece over each corner for reinforcement.
Now put a slice in each one so you can run a velcro strap through them.
Wrap the foamie around the leg tightly, and use your velcro straps to secure it on.

Repeat this for both or just one more leg.

Now, lets make the tripod feet.

Take one 9x12 sheet, and cut it into 3 lengths 9" long by 4" wide, fold them in half, tape at the seams, attach a foamie to the top, and now your tripod feet wont get covered in snow!

Now, the last thing I made was a bit of a cover, for when its snowing or raining, or any other kind of precipitation. Mine is made in 3 parts from about 3 large ziplock bags and 1 medium and 1 sandwhich.

Frist thing, take a foamie and a velcro strap to make a thin thing that will attach to the end of your lens (where the hood screws on, this will just be tightened on.) (see this photo:
Now, zoom your lens all the way in, and cut a length of plastic (single layer of bag) so its about that one, and hangs over each side of the lens by about 2 inches.

Now cut a piece that's a little wider than your camera body and it should go from about the MF ring/focus window to 1 inch or so off the back of the camera.

The Lens piece needs to be taped to the top of the foamie attacher-thingy, then attach the body cover to the lens cover. Thats the body piece.

Now, we take the medium sized ziplock, and put out flash in it. We cut out a rectangle in the bottom of the bag, so the flash head barely pokes out. Now attach your favorite velcro to the bag, so the flash head secures in. If the bag is long enough to go down over the foot when the flash is bent, stop there. If not, then cut the bottom of a sandwich bag and tape it on so it makes it long enough.

Now, we need one last piece. It goes from the viewfinde to the front of the onboard flash, and hangs off the sides about 4 inches. this is to keep your hands dry. cut a hole in it for the shoe. Now put the lens/body cover on the lens (dont cover the body yet) and then put the top cover on. Cover your flash and attach to the shoe (this will keep the top cover in place) and wrap the body cover around the flash and your good.