Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 DIYP's day 2!

its day 2 already! So today, I am doing more with xmas lights. today, we are making a small softbox.

You need a tissue box, some white xmas lights, tape, glue, foil, something flexible and translucent.

First, cut your box so it doesnt have a top (where the tissues come out) cut that all away. Now Line that with foil (tape it, glue it, how ever you want.) Cut a hole in the back or side, for your plug to go out. Now, toss the lights in, if you wanted to be more particular you could tape them down neatly, so they spread the light better. I didn't. Now tape that translucent plastic over the front, if its kinda a frostly clear, you can leave it or put diffusion over it (tissue paper) if its clear clear, put some tissue paper over it.

Now, for the shots here, I used the softbox camera left, and I used the striplight you hopefully made yesterday above the subjects in a horizontal position.

Milk and Ginger Bread Cookies!

Milk and Cookies, but for this photo I introduced a background light in the form of my 5500*K Daylight Desklamp.

The set up, with the softbox visible in the bottom left.

Thanks for reading!

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