Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 DIYP's of Christmas Day1

Hey everyone! it's been a while since I have made a post, and with it being the holidays, I figured I'd make 12 diy projects for christmas (all relating to, or using x-mas time stuff). I am of course, going to be writing a few in advance, and posting one each day. If Anyone has any ideas, please email me (jakeoc19 At Twcny dot rr dot com). I may run out, and that would stink.

Day 1:
A few of my projects are going to use X-mas lights, and today, I made a strip light kinda.

First, you need a wrapping paper tube. (just the cardboard) although you could use anything like it (ie: pvc) Next take your white xmas lights, and tape them on. Now you're done. I added 3 velcro straps to mine. So I could mount it on a lighstand.

mounted vertically on the lighstand.

Sample of vertical

mounted horizontal

mounted horizontal sample

Click through the 12 DIYP's of X-MAS for more shots. Check back each day for a new one

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