Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 11

Learn a new Post Processing Skill.

Since it's winter time and all, I decided to learn how to add falling snow. The tutorial I learned from was done by IceFlow Studios over on youtube. Here's a link to the video tutorial. So I am not going to go through it step by step here, although I will give kind of an outline/check list of what you need to do.

  1. Open an image
  2. Select the sky (using color range or your method)
  3. adjustment layer (hue, saturation) lower sat and lightness
  4. new>adjustment layer> photo filter> cooling
  5. new layer fill black
  6. filter>noise>add noise (Gaussian; monochromatic)
  7. filter>blur>blur more
  8. edit>adjustments>levels set the shadows, midtones and highlights all really close by the right side where the curve flattens out
  9. Blend mode>screen
  10. Filter>blur>motion blur (-60*; 10px)
  11. duplicate snow layer
  12. rotate top snow layer 180*
  13. free transform>top layer new width and hieght 200%
  14. filter>pixelate>crystallize (cell size~15)
  15. filter>blur>motion blur
  16. lower opacity of front snow layer then lower the back layer to alittle less
  17. duplicate lower/back layer and duplicate
thats just the gist. Watch the video to see how well it really looks.

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