Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 7

Today is all about printing your photos (for use as gifts, or modify the stuff slightly, and make them to sell)

First thing, you need a frame. I have a box in my attic, so I got out four frames for 8x10's (which will have 5x7's) and 4 fraes for 5x7's (which will have 4x6's). I cleaned the glass. here where I get a bit ocd, and you don't need to do this.

First, I mixed a glass cleaner (its a LCD screen cleaner gel and 70% isopropyl{rubbing alcohol}) then I put a bit on each side, and wipe with tissue paper (not tissues!). And wear gloves while you do this!! ALso, have some tissue paper ready, and when you're done, wrap them up, put the aside for now.

Now figure out how big you mat needs to be, and cut a few (for all your frames). If you have a mat board cutter, and a mat, use that otherwise use like hard-stock paper. Now figure out the center, and cut a window for you photo (about 1cm smaller than the print size on all sides)

Now that you have mats, and glass and frames. Print your photos out, highest quality, make sure they're edited, etc. Once they're out, hang them up to dry for a bit. Handle the ink-jet paper, before and after with gloves or tissue paper. Always avoid setting it print side down on the table (put out wax paper first)

Now put your photo in the mat, center it, and using masking tape, attach the TOP of the photo. Don't tape all around, remember it will shrink/grow a bit with the weather.

heres a quick, nice touch: take some wax paper as big as the glass, and put it in first. So that you put wax, glass, photo, back. Then when the person recieves it, they can take the wax off, and you wont touch the glass. Just like a new frame!

So now, put in your glass, photo back etc. Don't forget before you do that, sign and date the photo!(on the back)

Wrap it up!

From framed, to fully wrapped. See the wax on the glass.

A hint at whats in store tomorrow!


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