Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 9

Learn a new technique. Its not just photography hear. I took today to learn about screen printing.

Rather than Create photographs I created serigraphs. That link back there <- will take you to a wikipedia article, neat read, informative. But to better see what screen printing is,check out Bre Pettis's Make video on Weekend Projects: screen printing.

So I made a few today, with no equipment, and no experience, just some silky fabric, some foam board, some acrylic paint and contact paper. This isn't about my screen printing how to, that'll be sometime in February. To see what I made today check out my 'Serigraph' set on flickr. The results, are rubbish, but its 100% proof of concept, and I didn't lose more than 1sq foot of foam board (Not gunna use my paints for anything else) and the fabric I took from my mom :).

Get out and learn something new!


one of my better results ( I did 4) They're all of a riendeer stencle.

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