Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quick update

Sorry it wasn't a very active month. I had planned on doing a tutorial on Eos Utility remote shooting and auto-importing into lightroom, but unfortunately my EOS utility isn't working (sometimes you can't remote shoot, comment if you have a solution.) Once I get that working, I'll be sure to write that up.

I also plan to build a new Ringflash (similar to the one David Tejada, and Ron over at Motley Pixel made)

Recently over at DIYP guest poster Martin Kimeldorf posted about his new flash diffuser, which he called the Kimel Bouncer.(pictured left on the vivitar 285) I'll get to reviewing that soon. It's essentially a foamie with a few cuts and some velcro.

I also recently purchased a EOS 650 film camera. Bought it on ebay for $27.00 + S&H. I have yet to shoot a full 24-exposures, so I don't have any idea on image quality yet. It's pretty neat though, c. 1987. (camera is pictured to the right)

And Lastly, I have been working on a PVC Cali. Sunbounce Micro-Mini. Hasn't been going great, I need to sew up a reflector side, and a diffuser side. I am currently using Mylar and a white table cloth for those two respectively, and they're both fragile. Hopefully I can have a tutorial of that up soon. And Tuesday i've got a photoshoot at school, so they're be some good images coming out of that for sure.