Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review of the AceCad Flair II

Two or so years ago I purchased a AceCad Flair II graphics tablet. By the looks of, they don't sell it anymore, but here's my review anyway.

The tablet is very sturdy, and incredibly sensitive for what at the time was a $60 tablet. I do have a few minor complaints, for one, the cable is a little short. I have a USB-USB extension cable so that's not a big deal. Another downside is that the pen uses one quadruple-a (AAAA) battery. AAAA's are a bit expensive, this video by KipKay shows how you can extract 6 quadruple-a batteries from a Energizer 9volt.

The tablet had 1024 layers of sensitivy, which means in an editing program like photoshop the harder you press the thicker the line is. The Stylus features 3 buttons--the tip, and a 2 buttons on the shaft. I have the tip set as a single click, and double click when you tap twice. I've got 1 button set as 'CTRL' and one as right click. You can set it so that right click is also as simple as pressing and holding.

The tablet is fairly simple, and doesn't have many features so with most modern operating systems it's as simple as plug and play.

Final Verdict: It's small, light, cheap, and easy. The minor flaws can be overlooked by almost anyone. If you casualy use photoshop, and want a tablet that wont set you back a kidney or liver, try the Acecad Flair II (or another cheap one, don't spent a lot on a wacom--unless you want it.)