Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick Video #4 - Simple Strobing

Few months ago, there was a guy who made a lot of guest posts on the blog DIY Photography. Nick Wheeler is an amazing photographer with some amazing amazing stuff. And his creations with light were when I was just discovering lighting with clamp lights and CFL's. I tried to re-create one of his photos with my CFLs and at the time I was mildly happy with it.
So Recently, I had a friend ask about purchasing that picture, which I wasn't happy with. Fuji Finepix s6000FD's photos weren't great and lots of sharpening was evident. So today I re-shot it and took some I liked.
The one above is by far, my favorite. I've made a video with a tour of the set here, and a time lapse break down.

Want to see the rest of the photos? They're here: Jake's Flickr Tag: Homage to Nick Wheeler.
and want to see Nick's Flickr? Check'er out!.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Scott Kelby's Second Annual Photowalk! Syracuse, NY USA

On Saturday(July 18) I participated in The World Wide Photowalk! and it was a great time. We met up outside the Starbucks in Armory Square, and there was 18 of us. Some really nice people. It was a good time. We just sorta walked around downtown hit up the major squares. If you wanna see some of the awesome shots -- check out the Syracuse Photowalk Page. I was chillin' with @bk_math.

New Videos!

Hey everyone! so anyone that follows me on twitter will have seen that lately I've uploaded several new videos to my Youtube. Over the next few months I'll be making a lot of "Quick photo Tips" videos. Go check it out so far I've released QPT#1 - Quick, Cheap, and Seamless photo backdrops and just today I released QPT#2 - Extreme Macro (CLOSE UP) photography without a macro lens. So go Check them out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Content Soon!

I didn't think back in January when I said I wouldn't be posting as much, I wouldn't make a new post until July (not counting the AceCad Review)

I have some stuff lined up to edit video wise, and some ideas brewing, I PROMISE you, I will post a few times this month, I apologize greatly for my inactivity.

if there's anything you'd like to see comment, or better yet email me: jake ({at}) jacoboconnell ({dot}) com.