Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick Video #4 - Simple Strobing

Few months ago, there was a guy who made a lot of guest posts on the blog DIY Photography. Nick Wheeler is an amazing photographer with some amazing amazing stuff. And his creations with light were when I was just discovering lighting with clamp lights and CFL's. I tried to re-create one of his photos with my CFLs and at the time I was mildly happy with it.
So Recently, I had a friend ask about purchasing that picture, which I wasn't happy with. Fuji Finepix s6000FD's photos weren't great and lots of sharpening was evident. So today I re-shot it and took some I liked.
The one above is by far, my favorite. I've made a video with a tour of the set here, and a time lapse break down.

Want to see the rest of the photos? They're here: Jake's Flickr Tag: Homage to Nick Wheeler.
and want to see Nick's Flickr? Check'er out!.

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