Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lightroom Galleries

Lightroom is a photographers best friend. It's perfect for cataloging images, and your color/sharpness adjustments, and converting RAW images all without photoshop. Lightroom, also has the ability to create some awesome web galleries.

Now a lot of us have Flickr's so why do we need this? Well when I go on a trip, or do a shoot, or what ever I often have lots of keepers. Rather than flood my flickr with a bunch of mediocre photos (like I did with the Moose River Plains Trip) why not put them in a lightroom gallery? Galleries are also good, for presenting images that are similar.

I like to keep mine to a low(er) number of photos. No more than 50 for sure, that's way to many! I've made 2 so far that I've uploaded and they've been 20 and 10 images. They've all been related, and I hope they've sort of told mini-stories. (my "Gone Fishin' gallery didn't as much as the other)

Here are my 2 sample galleries:
20 Photographs from Washington, DC
and 10 Photographs from an early morning fishing trip

As you can see, I prefer the flash galleries, and I've been uploading them to my server, and giving them subdomains (e.g.

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