Friday, April 23, 2010

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that April 25 (2010) is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day so get out and shoot some pinhole images, pick your favorite, and upload it to the site. Don't know what a pinhole camera is, or how to make one? Keep reading!

A Pinhole camera, is quite simply a camera without a lens which has a very small aperture (hence the term pinhole) it's very much like a camera obscura, but instead of being project onto a wall, your image is projected onto a piece of film, or sensor device. That's a really basic definition and for some more depth, consult a site like wikipedia.

Now to make one you've got several options, the first is perhaps one of the most old school ways of doing it, albeit a great weekend project--an oatmeal container pinhole camera. This is going to require a bit of work, and will be totally new to many people as it requires developing your own paper in a dark room. The a fore linked to site is the same I used when I made my camera years ago. The gist of it, is you cut a hole in the container, take a piece of soda can and put a pinhole in it, tape that in, put some photographic paper in in the dark, expose it, and develop it, the site gets much more into it. It'll take about a day to make, and you're getting 1 shot at a time. It must be loaded and reloaded in the dark, with the image being processed between each stage, a fun time though.

The next option is a 21st century approach to a very old school photographic style. This is probably going to be a little cheaper, unless you have darkroom supplies lying around. All you need is a (d)SLR, a body cap, and a soda can. Assuming you already have the (d)SLR (digital is parenthetical because this could be done with a film SLR) and assuming you have the body cap, if not its about 4usd (and you're going to put a hole in it, so it's a good idea to order another one if you don't already have 2.) The soda can could cost you between $.05 and $.08. Quite simply, find the center of your body cap, and drill a hole in it, 3/16 in diameter or so. a wee smaller than a dime. Next cut a 1" square from the soda can using kitchen scissors or tin shears if you have them, sand the edges down. If you really want to do a good job with making the pinhole, I'd refer to the afore mentioned site page 4 on "drilling in the pinhole." Now simply tape this pinhole square inside your body cap, so that the pinhole is in the center of the previously drilled hole. Put the body cap on, and start shooting. You'll be looking at roughly 5second+ exposures depending on the light, shoot a bit, and chimp away!

No Matter what you do, I want to hear from you, so leave a comment, send me a message on flickr, shoot me an email, or tweet me! If you shoot some pinhole images Sunday, I want to see them!

Eventually, I'll write a nice formal post on making a digital pinhole body cap, (A really good one) and I might even do some more with the oatmeal containers!

One of my First Digital Pinhole images

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